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Your Fitness Goal is All Your Own

What's your fitness goal?

There are tons of goals when it comes to fitness, but far too often, what we really want is clouded by what you think OTHERS expect your goal to be. Working out for some is about adding big muscle, and being powerful. And all too often, people are mocked for going to a gym and simply wanting to stay fit, add strength, and feeling great. Your goal shouldn't be trivialized.

Many of my clients have been nervous to simply say, "I want to feel good. I want to go about my day without aches and pains or be able to increase the quality of my life. I don't need to be big, or lift tons of weight, I just want to be consistent and feel great!"

So going to a gym for them is hard. Maybe they want to lose weight, or have physical limitations or just want to feel good, but they think they're surrounded by judgemental people. They see so called "Influencers" doing tough workouts and selling programs that just don't fit their needs or wants. They purchase insane diet plans, workout plans and see no results. Why? Because we're all different with different needs to get us to our goals.

If you're judgemental about what others want and need, stop calling yourself a professional. You're just a fitness bully. I hate bullies!! I want clients to feel like they're progressing at their own rate and based on their own needs, and to that I say, GOOD FOR THEM! Don't ever feel less than others who have a different goal than you.

I'm writing this because I've trained myself in gyms and at home. I've gotten caught up in others goals or the feeling i need to compete or be complimented on workouts that literally ruined my shoulders and wrists. I've been 150 pounds all the way to 200 pounds. I'm 62 and now it's time to teach others about goals. Not just how to reach them.

I want you to learn. I want you to realize that you're allowed to have your own likes and dislikes when it comes to exercises. I want you safe, and still reach the goal you want. I want you to know it doesn't happen overnight. I want you to know that you're already great, and I want you to want to be better tomorrow than you are today!! And you don't have to kill yourself doing someone elses workout to get there.

I also want you to know that we really should WANT to make small amounts of time each week to feel better, stronger, more capable, have more energy, have better mental acuity, and emotional stability. After that, your goals may change. You may want to increase intensity to being a new path. But that's your one elses. I make all that easier for you by giving you your own days and times, not willy nilly sessions with my availability, week after week. That's not consistency. Make an appoint you know you'll keep week after week. It's your time, use it wisely.

When you're stronger, your quality of life increases. You increase lean tissue to help burn extra calories at rest because lean tissue burns more calories than fat, at rest!! You're joints feel better, you stand taller, your clothes fit better, your kids and grandkids benefit from having an active person in their life, and they're much more likely to follow your example...and all of this comes from a couple of days a week training to be better than the day before.

It's not some magic that happens. It's not rocket science, but it does take skill for a trainer to ask the right questions, give the proper information and make exercise a learning experience as well as, yes, FUN.

Be happy that you're goal is all your own. Someone elses goal is all theirs. Neither is right or wrong. It's simply a preference. Anyone that says any different is just sad!

Go to the information form and let me know what you want to accomplish. No matter where you are. In home training is in my general area but online training is anywhere...literally. Your equipment or i'll recommend my favorite equipment at a low cost. (i don't sell equipment, but i'll show you where to get it).

Lets get you started. Fitness doesn't wait for start it. Start now!

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