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the only way to stay younger!

We all age. We'll all keep aging. older organs, skin, bones, tendons, and muscle. We get weaker and more prone to injury. Our joints suffer from not only years and years of repetitive movement, mostly because we're losing muscle every year, and nothing to support our joints and tendons.

Strength Training is for any age!! Older people need strength training. Work outs for older people.
62 yr old client. Look at those arms!!

The only way to stay younger, feel younger, be less prone to injury, have better mental acuity and energy is through STRENGTH TRAINING!!!

Strength training can be body weight exercises, free weights, machines or my favorite, resistance bands. Loop bands in particular.

When lose about 8% of our muscle every decade after the age of 30. That's a problem. Not only does it support our body and help us do all the daily things that we took for granted when we were younger, it help our minds, emotions and energy levels.

Muscle (lean tissue) is also a major part of our metabolism. Lean tissue burns more calories at rest than fat. Less muscle...less calories burning naturally! So as we age, if we don't strength train not only do our bodies suffer and we end up injured from some pretty mondane tasks, we add fat because we are losing part of our metabolism. Sure, cardio burns calories, but thats not at rest! You shouldn't have to do hours and hours of cardio to do what lean tissue will do on its own. It helps us burn calories after a bad weekend of eating, Get back on track and the weight goes away literally in days IF you get back on track with your diet and workouts. Conversely, if you do just cardio it takes weeks to burn off 3 or 4 pounds. And cardio doesn't add lean tissue like strength training.

After Hurricane Sandy and my gym was destroyed, I saw so many people getting injured from trying to pick up after the wreckage was left! Imagine not being able to save yourself or family in the event of a natural disaster. Imagine having to be saved because you cant climb, walk, jump, push, pull or do anything physical that will save you're own life or prevent you from injury. It's a tough reality few think about, but really should.

So if you're feeling like crap...gaining some weight...getting injured from simple things or doing nothing...your energy is in the get major brain fog...and your joints are killing need to get started adding lean tissue. It's and essential part of your body that naturally declines if it's not being worked on.

There are NO magic pills. No secret supplement. It's all about habits, priorities and making the time to get in a modest workout 3 days a week with a little cardio added for respiratory and cardiac health.

Does this seem like a lot? It's not..not at all. You want to know what takes a lot of time? Healing from unnecessary injuries, doing crazy diets, not doing the things you love, researching "The fastest and easiest way to lose weight and feel younger". Thats a waste of money and time!

I'm ready to help as soon as you're ready. I'm ready! Contact me and lets get a plan together to improve the quality of your life.

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