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Online Training

Online training is a great way to train. No getting ready to GO. No drive! It's effective, saves time and makes training for any goal obtainable without a gym.

You can do it anytime, anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, on vacation. Its the way training should be if you don't like the gym or have limited time. No babysitters, it's all about you and when it's over, you're already home or wherever you want to be.

As with most training packages, you get scheduled days and times. No willy nilly sessions that you're squeezed into. Results come from consistency. And if you're online, its fast and easy to maintain a schedule!! 


IN Home Training

In Home Training is available in Blue Point, Bayport, Sayville, Patchogue and some other surrounding areas.

No gym, no distractions. I come to you. No travel, just effective training. Availability is limited based on days and times needed. Results come from consistency. And if it's in your home, its fast and easy to maintain a schedule!! Like all services, you get days and times just for you. No willy nilly sessions based on a trainers changing schedule. I give you priority with monthly sessions when its most convenient for you.  Contact me for more info.


General Health and fitness

I've trained people of all ages since 2006. I've trained for every goal you can think of. But the majority of people are intimidated by gyms. Or they think it's somewhere you have to go to build big muscles and lift very heavy weights. The truth is a majority just want to feel better, lose some weight, be stronger which helps not only with weight loss but also with general quality of life. You're minds clearer, you're less likely to get injured and you're every day activities get easier. Any fitness lever should consider general functionality, health and fitness.

We sit behind desks, on the couch, on our car, and we should WANT to increase our general everyday fitness levels. Some people are afraid to admit thats their goal so they don't even try because to some, working out means being a bodybuilder....thats far from the truth! There's so many reasons to exercise consistently...consistency is what gets you results. Im there for you. Contact me to get more info.



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Strength Training

Don't underestimate the value of strength training. All training should involve strength training. It increases muscle mass which helps burn more calories at rest. Basically, it's your metabolism. Without lean tissue, we don't burn fat effectively. Strength increases the quality of our lives. Simple tasks that used to be difficult suddenly become easy. You have better energy reserves and you reduce the possibility of injuries. All my programs increase strength. So contact me for more info if you want to improve the quality of your life! Contact me now!

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Whether I come to you, or train you online, i'll train you with whatever you have. If you don't have weights, bands or a suspension trainer (example: trx), I'll bring bands, or suspension trainers. I"ve only trained with bands since 2019. It's the best thing i ever did. Easier on the joints, more effective in your peak strength areas, and you can bring them literally anywhere. 

If you train online, and have no equipment, I'll recommend my favorite band sets based off my experience. They're cost effective and fairly inexpensive. Cheaper than one or two months gym membership!

For more info, contact me NOW!

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