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Suffolk County Police Fitness exam prep

- Suffolk County Corrections Fitness Exam
- Nassau County Police Fitness Exam
- All Cooper Standard 40 and 50 Fitness Exam

Police Fitness Exam Prep for Suffolk County Police, Nassau County Police, Suffolk County Sheriff, Suffolk County Corrections and any Police Dept that requires you to pass the Cooper Standard 40 or above.

I've been training recruits to pass the initial exam for entrance to multiple police depts across the country since 2009. Don't take the test lightly. You should be getting ready as soon as possible!! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU GET YOUR ORIENTATION LETTER!! 

Suffolk County is different than many others. SCPD allows you to retake the test in approximately one month after a failed test. But you don't want to have to retake it. You want in the first time.


I've gotten countless potential recruits through. If you wait and have 3 or 4 weeks to train before the test, theres no guarantee you'll pass. My methodology has come from years of training other SCPD, NCPD and numerous other dept candidates. I've learned the ins and outs from hundreds of those who passed...and failed as well.

It's an amazing opportunity. Don't blow it. It's a position many have dreamed of. But it's up to you to take all necessary steps to get in!!

Below is the Cooper Standard 40 Criteria for the test. Lets get you trained and ready well before you take the test.

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