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How's everyone? Good? I hope so! I'm doing well, my business is growing, mostly through referals and past clients coming back. It's been very cool watching new clients do things they never thought they could, or seeing how they're excited to start each workout. My long time clients are killing it!! Not one is stagnating or not seeing results. They're not going to stop. It's a part of their life now, and they wouldn't trade it for anything...they're addicted!!

All too often I hear people say they are going to do one of the many exercise dvd's and programs out there. Insanity, P90X, and a variety of others. They spend hundreds on dvd's and gizmo's only to find the same thing a majority of others have found...it's too hard or discouraging, or they start and are done with it in a month because the intensity level and time it takes is just too much.

The truth is, they put these programs together as a cookie cutter workout. You're not a cookie! (and nothing against cookies, I love cookies!) They beat the hell out of you for an hour or more 5 - 6 days a week when all you want to do is tone up, and lose some weight and drop a few pants sizes, right? The majority of people don't have that kind of time, and aren't ready for a commitment of that sort of intensity, so they stop in a short period of time.

When you train, you need to train smart, not like the masses...you're an individual with strengths and weaknesses. Everyone thinks training like these dvd's and programs is the only way to go, but far from it! What you need is...ready?...you need to simply do the FUNDAMENTALS! These programs and many trainers try to make their mark by creating crazy workouts. Sure, they sound good, but you'v never even learned the basics, and WHY you're doing something. This is how you make the cookie crumble!

I'm 51. I train 3 - 4 days a week maximum. I work out 1 hour each session. I work hard, but I work smart. I don't workout like I did when I was 45. I hurt my shoulder years ago, I've torn my bicep tendon. I'm good with both of those now. I'm probably in the best shape I've been in years. Strong, Great muscle tone and size (not huge mind you). My body fat is around 14% (and yes, I eat cookies).
And I don't train my clients like I do myself!

I can't workout like you need to, and you can't workout like I need to! That's a fact. All of our goals are different, but much of it is the same. Add muscle (not big muscle ladies), burn calories during exercise and at rest, increase our endurance, and feel and look the best we can. But we can't do it the same way.

Shoulder pain and knee pains are the most common problem people have...at any age. You need to work smart, and you can reach your goals. It won't happen overnight, but the work and the wait is soooooo worth it! No matter what shape you're in, or what pains you have, YOU CAN DO IT! I've seen it over and over again! I've seen it done in as little as 2, Thirty Minute Sessions a week!

Call me and find out how you can train for YOU to feel and look the best you have in years! No matter what age! In home or at Eastern Athletic! Let's get you started right away!



  • Personal Training - 30 and 60 minute sessions from $35 for individuals.
  • Beach Boot Camp - Saturdays at 7:30am, $15. Rain Cancels. Summer only
  • Tell a friend that signs up for Personal Training 2 x a week or more, get a free session every month that they train!

Mark Falk
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