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Ihope everyone is doing well, and have started, or plan on starting your workouts. Less than 4 months till Memorial Day! 4 Weeks into the New Year! And many more years to your life...and that's where this week's newsletter starts. My confessions as a Personal Trainer and how it can help you, and will help me as well. This was a hard one for me to write, but I'm human, and it just shows that what I've said and pushed others to do is right on....Weight train, cardio, diet!

I gave blood at James Wilson Young Middle School in Blue Point last week. If you can, give blood. It saves lives, and there's always a need. The nurse called for the next person, and I walked over to a desk. She asked me various questions, then put the blood pressure cuff around my arm. I sat patiently waiting to finish up and go give blood.

She finished and wrote down my blood pressure... 142/82...The norm is between 120/70 and 140/80. The results indicate I am just over Stage 1 Hypertension!! WHAT? Really? Then I sat back and thought about it, and got a little panicy. (Note: my blood pressure since last week, as of today is 136/78. Sometimes, you just need to start to see results in anything. Since I'm already in good shape, these tweaks make a big difference, you can too).

I weight train 5-6 days a week! I literally have to work hard to gain weight if I want to. (Stop yelling at me, I've worked 12 years to be 14% body fat...and you can have people yell at you too if you do the work...I actually don't mind..lol). So what's the deal?

I train others the way they need to be trained. Not the way I train myself. I know my downfalls, and I've "Ignored" them. I'm human, I'm like everyone else...but I'm supposed to set an example for those that come to me, so I sat and gave my life a good quick look. I know exactly where I go wrong. And if you're struggling with weight loss, or getting in shape, you probably know some of the areas you're slacking.

Here's my confession, or most of it :). What do or don't I do to have caused my health to be in jeopardy and what can I do about it? Because, if I see a problem, I'm going to fix it...not ignore it like some people do. I see it everyday. Ignore the problem, it will eventually go away! NO..wrong! You're only fooling yourself...but I can see it.

Where did I go wrong? And what do I or don't I do to have caused this problem?

  • I eat like CRAP! Yep, I do. I always fool myself that since my body fat is low, and I don't put on weight, I can eat whatever I want! FALSE! I eat too much salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats. I love cake and cookies and all of that. I love chips and salt everything I eat!! Stupid me! I'm putting myself in risk of heart disease out of stupidity.
  • I don't eat healthy fruits and veggies, and too many processed foods.
  • I don't do cardio because I'm always afraid of losing too much weight, and I like being a little bigger, and losing weight to me is like gaining weight to most people. No ones got it easy, but there are things we can do, and that I will do to change this! Will You?
  • My stress level for years has been through the roof! I've worked 7 days a week for 4.5 years with only 32 days off. I didn't take care of myself in that way and was under constant pressure for all angles. My gym was destroyed. Still, no excuse. I'll tell you what I'm going to do about it.

What will I do to fix it? Make a list for yourself of how you will fix what you need to do.

  • I've already started changing my diet. Adding fruits and veggies. Reading labels to ensure I do not go over 1500 - 1700 mg of sodium a day. I've cut out cookies and cake. And a variety of other things. But to keep the weight, I'm adding bigger breakfasts, lunches and dinners of healthy stuff! It's not as easy as you think. But YOU can do it as well. I'm not going to let my health suffer anymore. ARE YOU?!!
  • I'm adding cardio. I'm a weight lifter. I love weight. I will never stop...but...I will add 3 days of cardio in. I've already started to run. Short distances like I tell everyone else. I'm practicing what I preach. I don't like it. But guess what else I don't like. THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING SICK!! HAVING OTHERS TAKE CARE OF ME! BECAUSE IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING'S WRONG, AND YOU DON'T FIX IT, YOU'RE SELFISH! I won't be.
  • I'm going to destress. I'm only going to surround myself with positive people who don't suck the energy out of me like it's my job. I'm going to take days off or have lighter days, and when I do have off, it will be enjoying myself. Could be doing nothing, could be hanging out with some uplifting friends. Instead of hanging on to negativity from various angles of my life, including the loss of my business, I'm going to treasure the decisions I've made and the future I have, because it is looking up, and will as long as I try. I'm a problem solver. I don't need to worry. And I'll add in some meditation.

To many, this sounds like a chore! Far from it! It's trade offs. There's nothing I will do, or you will that is a chore...it's not more time or work, it's changing things around. Take three glasses of water, each have water up to the half way mark. Will I concentrate on the full side, or the empty side? Same thing. Eat garbage and watch tv, or eat better and work out? Took the same time, it's just rearranging what you do in that time, and changing your perspetive. Sick or healthy? Heavy or trim and fit? Eat well, or eat garbage? Exercise or do nothing? It's your choice and it's your responsibility...just as it is mine to take care of myself, and to help you.

If you see you need to change something, you better do it! Be honest with yourself. Look at it, and don't say "I'll start tomorrow." Start right away!! Tomorrow can be too late. Remember this as well, "You can close your eyes to what you do not want to see, but you can not close your heart to what you do not want to feel." Again, if you try, you're only fooling yourself.

If you wait, it seems to be less important. I'm going to teach by example as I always have, even if I have to show you the personal side and my own short comings. If it benefits you, then as a Health and Fitness professional, and as a person who honestly cares, I've done my job. I plan on doing it for a long time to come, because I'll take action. I hope you do too! No one says it's easy...but being sick is much harder! On you, and your families and friends! Don't be a martar, a whiner, or someone who blames misfortune on heredity, on the fast food industry or on someone else and then ignore it hoping it goes away...it won't.

If you don't know how to start and really do want to, then call me. Let's get a plan of action in place...and let's do it together.

Give me a call and let me help you not only get in shape, but teach you how to do it safely and intelligently. You won't waste time, and you won't get hurt if you do it right. You don't need 90 minutes in the gym. You just need a well thought out workout plan that will work for your goals and get you to where you want to be.

Call me at 631-834-1427 right now! There's never a better time to change your life than Right Now!



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