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I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years! It's a great time, for a fresh start. I'm a believer that everyday is, but it makes it easier to mark a date, and start new, like on New Years! So I hope you all have started your resolutions, or plan on it as soon as possible. I'm starting off with a great year training in home and at Eastern Athletic.

I have a few clients who started up at Eastern and they love it. I'm so psyched to see old faces again...it's great to see how excited they are to start again! For some, it's been too long and they missed their workouts. It's not a fancy place, but its full of the right equipment, the age group is wide and its never too crowded. So come join me and call to make an appointment to get your resolutions going.

I dug up a great article yesterday on some of the benefits of exercise, and I really enjoyed how it was presented, so I'm going to put some of the key points below. Some of you will recognize them as what you're trying to accomplish, and some of you might scratch your head and say, "Hmmmm...I never knew that, that's going to help!"

There are so many reasons to exercise, lose weight and get in shape. See if you recognize some of your own reasons.

  • Increase Productivity - It's a well known fact that those who exercise, have an increase in productivity and find checking things off of their to do list gets easier. It's also a great way to help get a raise. Those who exercise regularly, are more productive, have quicker thought processes, and take less sick days off due to illnesses. It's a catch 22. You're tired so you feel like all you do makes you tired, but if you exercise, those tasks won't make you tired at all. So get to working out and find those pesky daily tasks aren't such energy zappers after all.
  • Increase Word Power - It's not just about words, but about mental accuity. 20% of those who do 20 - 30 minutes of interval training, getting your heart rate up high for 2mins, then bringing it down, then back up again continuously for that time, increase their thought processes and their ability to learn new words and remember them. So if you're a big Words with Friends Fan...exercise and start beating that PITA more often...ha!
  • Keep Moving and Lifting for less Achey Joints - For everything from minor muscle tears to arthritis, exercise increases your flexibility with less pain. You'll be more flexible, and you'll have less pain due to endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain killers. Just be careful. If you are injured, that doesn't mean go all out. But you will enjoy less pain from chronic joint and muscle problems and arthritis. So keep moving and lifting to enjoy a better quality of life all around!
  • Show off that figure - Regarless of your weight or fitness level, people who work out regularly have a better self image. Clothes fit better, and they feel more comfortable with out them :). Regular cardio increases blood flow and oxygen in the blood, which increases your feeling of self worth, and your sex life will definitely go uphill. One because you feel better about yourself, and two, because that increase in oxygen and blood flow increases arousal in both men and women. Look good, feel good...how do you beat that reason to exercise?
  • Combat Anxiety Related Weight Gain - We've all heard how stress and anxiety increase weight and body fat, well it's true. Those who exercise just 40, 2x a week, stop belly fat increase in it's tracks! Those who didn't exercise, had an average of 3 inches more on their waistline, than those that did. Reduction in anxiety and stress is key to getting rid of belly fat! No stress, no fat...no brainer!!
  • Better Sleep, Better Immune System, Overall Better Health - When you exercise regularly, you reduce the chances of getting sick. Your bodies immune system gets a big boost. At the same time, you'll start sleeping better. If you have a hard time sleeping, exercise is the best medicine. When you're in better shape, you're bodies immune system is in better shape, and you're sleep gets better. Imagine that...a great sleep, and better health. Thats a huge increase in your overall quality of life. Your energy levels go up, small things are no longer an energy zapper, you sleep better and you're not getting sick. Why wouldn't you exercise.

So, to sum it all up, your entire life gets better! Better feeling of self worth and esteem, better sleep and energy levels, better mobility, less body fat, an increase in productivity and better mental accuity! There are even bigger lists and reasons to get fit!

In as little as 180 minutes a week, you're whole life can change! Give me a call, and lets get you started on the road to changing your life THIS YEAR! RIGHT NOW! Now you can see why I really love what I do. The changes I've seen in people is incredible. Not just in body, but in overell Quality of Life!

Call me at 631-834-1427 right now! There's never a better time to change your life than Right Now!

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