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It's soon to be a new year, for all of us. Some of you haven't received my newsletters due to a glitch in my mailing software, so a quick overview. I'm doing in home training and training for myself at Eastern Athletic in Blue Point. Hurricane Sandy wiped out Fitness By the Bay, but not me. Ok, that's it..ha!

We all have our reasons for getting fit, or losing weight. And every one of them is valid, whether its for health, general fitness, to feel better about yourself, to fit into clothes you always wanted to wear, to be stronger and more muscular, or to be toned and fit, as well as so many other reasons that you yourself have. Every one of those are valid, but they all end up with the same outcome.

The outcome of any reason is you'll be healthier, fitter, more energetic, happier with yourself which in turn makes the ones around you happier. I see it all the time. And then, you also enjoy the success of what your own personal reason was.

There's just one thing that stops everyone. It's effort. It's that initial move that makes you continue on and to be persistent and consistent. Some believe by putting what they want out into the universe is what will work, but it won't. Thinking about it won't. What will make anything work in this life is the efforts you put into it. No one else will do it for you...if you want it, you'll go get it. If you don't, maybe you really don't want it and feel you're just supposed to want it.

Sure, it takes time. No doubt. But if you're consistent and persistent and go after it, you'll succeed. My business was torn apart by Sandy. I literally have to start over again. I have no aid, I have me. I have faith in me and what I do, and that's what you need to do. If you want something, go get it!

If you do nothing, you'll get the same in return. But it's that first move. That's always the hardest in anything we do. But once we do it, the rewards are awesome!!!! The feeling of "I DID THIS" can not be beat. No one else will do it for you, and once you get going, there's no stopping you.

I'm hoping that all of you take that initial step and do something great for yourselves, because you want it.

When I'm stressed, I go to the gym. I work hard. Only for 45 mins to an hour. But when I'm done, I'm not stressed anymore. I feel like I'm ready to take on the next thing in my day or in my life. I leave and go do something else that will make my life better. It's a great cycle...but it starts with having that initial thing that gives you the drive and energy to take on the next thing.

My clients all say the same thing, "When I came in, I was tired, but when I leave, I always feel great"!! They all started the same way. They finally decided it was time to start. And working out with a schedule, with some motivation and direction works for them. When someone stops, it's hard to get back. So if you've stopped, start again! It doesn't matter what it is in life, if you took a break, and you want to do something again, it may be hard, but you have to put in that initial effort, that one time that will get you back on track and make your life happier again. Again, if you ignore it...it doesn't go away. It doesn't get better...you can block it out, but it will always be there until you do something about it.

With all we do everyday, scheduling your workouts is the best way to do it. Make the time for what you want. As little as 30 mins a couple of times a week will change everything.

So, get started again, make this New Years, truly a New Year!! Take the bull by the horns and take the leap and you'll find it really wasn't much of a leap at all. It was a five minute call that can change everything around!

Call me at 631-834-1427. Lets start this new year off right!!

And thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me during these past 2 months after Hurricane Sandy. Your efforts, your support, and caring has been a life saver. People I barely knew took off of work, came down and helped me. Daily phone calls, texts and emails asking what they could do. Thank you so much to all of you. This is going to be my year, lets help make it yours too!

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