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So, it's almost New Year's. One of the Biggest times of the year for people starting their exercise regiment. Resolutions are made, resolutions are broken, and resolutions are kept!

After being somewhat of a workout and fitness enthusiast for years, and being a Personal Trainer and motivator for the last 6 years, I've seen people who have lots of different goals. Many of them took a long time to begin, and found that having me train them in a non intimidating environment, and in their homes made it more doable, and more realistic to their lifestyles, and home lives. They had reasons to not workout...we all can come up with a reason, but they came upon a point in their life that they said, "ENOUGH". What motivated them? What kept them from starting sooner? This has always been an interesting question to me.

Hopefully, the answers will get you going and get you started to succeed like so many others I've trained. First of all, THEY succeeded. THEY did the work. THEY decided it was time. Not me.

Some of the top reasons people are hesitant, or the excuses they make to not exercise. Maybe you'll see it's not so bad. Feel free to just read yours! Another time saver! See...i save you time all over the place!

  • I don't have time
    Who does quite honestly! Jobs, kids, sports, friends, family, the lawn, it's raining..lol. The beauty about training with a trainer is, at least in my case, you have a schedule. When we put exercise in a schedule, and we have to be somewhere, we tend to do it. We wedge it in there at our best time, and we hold ourselves to that time. It's accountability! We are accountable to someone, to a payment, to a session, to ourselves! We make that schedule, and we do it. If we don't, there's always something else we'd find to do. Or we do nothing and say, "Yeah, i should have worked out today, i'll do it tomorrow". Everyone does it. But it doesn't have to be that way. You're too important, and what you want and need is too important. Your health is too important. So yes, you do have the time. There are 10,060 minutes in a week. You'll figure it out, and you'll do it. So schedule an appointment...Even if it's to get you started and on the right track.
  • My shoulder, knee, back, legs hurt
    There are two reasons for this. You want to know when my shoulder, knee, back and legs hurt? When I don't workout!! Seriously. Your body was engineered to lift and jump and run and squat and yell at me! :) Running around to stores, to the house, to the game, its not exercise. You're body is rebelling from being sedentary. From not being physical. Client after client comes to me and talk about how they have pains here and there. After just a few weeks of careful and well planned workouts, the same thing is said, "Those pains I told you about? They're gone. That cramping I had? I don't get it anymore. I don't know if it's my imagination, but I feel stronger already." yeah, you do. Don't let doing nothing be the problem, that eventually creates real, and life long problems.

    Some people absolutely have diagnosed problems. But by working out carefully, avoiding directly hitting those spots, and working the muscles around the affected areas, you'll strengthen the actual problem area. I see it all the time with knees, and shoulders. I trained a guy with both problems. It took time, but when he started, he couldn't do 1 pushup without having to stop. I started him slowly on assisted exercises and on strengthening the surrounding area's. 9 months later and lots of progress, he could do 20 pushups...good pushups, and he could bench press about 130lbs without any pain at all. Most of my clients go through that. We get older, we've hurt ourselves at times, we did nothing to strengthen the area. Yeah, its gonna hurt! You avoided it instead of fixing it. If you do have a diagnosed problem, get a docs note before starting or get his permission. You want to be safe.
  • I'm thin, I don't need to workout. I need to lose weight, nothing ever works, and I'm heavier than I should be, but I'm fit!
    There have been studies done about being what was called, "Fit Fat". There is no such thing. If you're heavier than you should be, you need to lose weight. your body is under stress. Your heart is under stress, your metabolism is out of wack, you have the potential for a wide variety of diseases and ailments that will crush your quality of life. That's all I'm going to say about that. Being thin, is not being lean. Being thin, is just being light or lighter. So, what's your body fat? If it's higher than 24%...you're what called "Skinny Fat". You have the same potential of acquiring the same diseases as others, and your quality of life could be so much better. Being lean, is having low body fat, and higher lean tissue (muscle). If you CAN'T lose weight, well, there are two things it could be. You weren't working out or dieting properly or you have a medical condition. Less than 3% of the individuals out there who are overweight have medical conditions. I trained a woman with NO thyroid. She stuck to a diet from her doctor, and she exercised everyday. She looked great! No excuses here, Just Results when you train with me. So get started this New Year, and get stronger, lighter, tighter and increase the quality of your life. I say that a lot, but that's the minimum you'll ever get out of working out with me. The very minimum is the quality of your life and your energy will sore!!
  • I smoke and I'm going to quit first, or I'm going to diet and lose the weight first.
    If you diet without exercising, your body fat stays about the same, percentage wise. You fall off the wagon once and you can gain back 5 - 8 lbs in literally a few days, plus your body fat goes up. Call me and I'll give you a great analogy. Diet and exercise go hand in hand. Weight training in particular because you'll gain lean tissue. For every pound of lean tissue you add to your body, you burn 50 calories a day at rest. 5lbs of lean tissue and you burn 250 calories a day, 1750 calories a week. A half pound from doing nothing. So keep adding that lean tissue. You'll be smaller, lighter and tighter!

    So you smoke but you won't workout until you quit? Ok, so have smoking, and being out of shape, and possibly overweight all together! Go ahead...lol. Hey, if you smoke, workout. You'll help clear your lungs, you'll get into better shape, you won't be as tired from lack of oxygen created by the clogging of your airways and the lack of oxygen to your blood. Of course you should quit!! OF COURSE! But don't do absolutely nothing. Add healthy things to your life and it may just help you quit, and / or make the quality of your life so much better! But don't ever let the problems pile up...because eventually the ailments and doctor bills will.

I won't give you an excuse, and you shouldn't give yourself one. There is no excuse! You can find 30 mins as many days as possible to exercise. Weight training or combo training 2 -3 x a week, and cardio - 2-3 x a week. You'll see and feel a HUGE difference!!

So start 2013 right! Call, text or write me. Let's start now, by putting you in the schedule and making your resolution work!! I'm offering a 10% discount on all of my prices if you sign up and schedule your sessions for January, before 12/22/2012.

I know you can all do it. I see it done everyday, by all sorts of people, in all sorts of professions, with all sorts of lifestyles. If they can, so can you! I'm here to help!

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