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I hope everyone is doing well. I thought this week I'd talk about how many people really exercise and what's recommended. But the thing that really needs to be addressed is right in the title. Fitness isn't seasonal! But how can you stay fit all year round? Stay interested! Later in the newsletter, I'll tell you how to do that.

My business has seasons. People flock to gyms and training in January, for New Year's and their resolution. They come in March, to get ready for Memorial Day. Then they come back in Sept and October to try and ward off Thanksgiving. It's a terrible cycle of up and down. Healthy, and unhealthy.

Here are some facts. See where you fit in.

  • 40% of the people in the United States, do absolutely NO exercising.
  • 3.5% of people 18 - 59 years old in the United States exercise the minimum recommended 150 mins a week, properly (simple walks are not considered proper)
  • 2.5% of people 59 and over exercise the recommended minimum.
  • 68.8% of Adults are overweight or obese. (obese is 30 or over on the BMI scale)
  • 35.7% of Adults are obese.

These are terrible numbers. Particularly when you think about this. Being overweight, obese, or just not exercising properly reduces your life, health, and mental well being. Being fit and exercising PROPERLY, increase your life expectancy, helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, reduces body fat and increases lean tissue which increases your metabolism, and reduces the odds of major health risks associated with being overweight or obese. (type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, joint problems, and so much more).

Now, what can you do to really change things? Make exercise work for you! Make it enjoyable, and memorable. New research shows that simply walking and moving, isn't enough. But it also shows that everyone has different tolerances to exercise and types of exercises. Exercise should make you feel good. Some people enjoyed a high energy workout where their heart rate had to be extremely high for it to be a GOOD workout, while others hated it when they were worked that hard.

So what do you do? It's easy. My clients have done it with me and they know how I feel about exercise. Although some things they don't care for, most of it has to be enjoyable. Everyone is different. Everyone has favorites, and things they absolutely will not do. We also know keeping your heart rate up, and brining it down repeatedly reaps the best results. So, get that heart rate up, but if you don't like it where you can't hardly speak 3 words, don't? Bring  your level down a little bit. Those same people will also find a 5 minute cool down at the end will help them enjoy their workout even more.

Hopefully, this will help you continue your exercising all year long instead of being a seasonal, and disappointed workerouter :). 

Consistency and persistence is key to obtaining your goals. Working out for a couple of months, expecting amazing results, killing yourself to meet your goal in an unrealistic time frame will just disappoint you and make you exhausted, and then quit, only to start it up again a few months or a year later. Imagine if you were consistent with a well rounded exercise plan all year round? The results will happen. You'll get smaller and stronger and leaner and happier and doing things and fitting in things you never thought you could! Its actually exciting...the prospect of the control you have and what you've accomplished.

I want everyone to be as fit as possible. I want you all health and happy. I want you all to help change the face of a bleak, weight illness ridden future. It's all up to you. It's your choice. And you'll give a great gift to your kids and grandkids! They'll learn from you. I see that all the time. I hear stories from clients about how kids know my name because their mom or dad talks about me and their workouts. The kids come in on occasion and exercise with them. They do it at home! Teach them now.

If you want help getting motivated and getting in shape, give me a call or send me an email, or even a text. I'm here for all of you. We can set up a schedule, and times for in home training (hopefully soon, in studio training).

Don't forget, Training Gift Certificates are a great way to get someone started.



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Mark Falk
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