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Ok all, it's almost Thanksgiving already! The time flies by, and many of you swore you'd start getting in shape and losing weight in September. Now raise your hands, how many have actually started, and how many have seen results? So what are you waiting for? Stop waiting ya'll! lol. We wait for so many things in life, but the only ones we get are the ones we work toward. It's not always smooth or fast, but it happens if you're persistent...so get moving today.

I was thinking the other day about 6 Degrees of Separation. If you don't know what it is, basically it's a theory that states that we are all 6 steps away from any other person...like the play that shows how everything is related to Kevin Bacon.

Somehow we're all connected...and only a few steps away from something we never thought we would be that close to.

And that's the point of this newsletter. We're all just a few steps away from something we never thought we could be. Now look in the mirror. What do you want to be? A few pounds lighter? A few pants sizes smaller? Showing more muscle or being stronger?

How about all of the above? Guess what? You're all just a few steps away from that right now.
  1. Thinking about what you want to accomplish. All of it. Give it thought. (write it down)
  2. Decide your final goal (write it down)
  3. Find out what you have to do to get to that goal (write it down)
  4. Start Working toward that goal today...not tomorrow and bring your goal on paper
  5. Work hard and do things you've never done before...push yourself...SAFELY of course
  6. In 10 Workouts, you'll be stronger, In 20 Workouts, you'll see changes, in 30 Workouts, you're well on your way to your goal!

That's 6 degrees of separation to your fitness, weight loss and body goal. The longer you go, the more results you'll get.

I have 3 clients right now that are losing significant amounts of weight and body fat because they do the 3 things I tell you all to do. Here are their stats over the past 6 - 8 weeks.

  • 298lbs and 41% body fat, now 273lbs and 37% body fat - 7 weeks
  • 231lbs and 27.8% body fat, now 211 and 24.5% body fat - 8 weeks
  • 184lbs and 40% body fat, now 176 and 36% body fat - 6 weeks

One of them has been with me for a while, but he just got it in his head to do it and he's done a fantastic job over the past 6 weeks. He put the Workouts, Cardio and Diet together in his head and it works.

The six degrees of fitness separation is right in front of you. All of those things you want for yourself, your family, your general health and well being are at your finger tips. We all have it in us to do it...but the key is simply that....DO IT. Do it and it works.

So, how many of those steps have you taken and how close are you to your goal?

If you want help getting there, call me at 631-419-6379, and lets set up an appointment for your FREE FITNESS ANALYSIS.  We'll go over what you want to accomplish and go from there.

This time of year is a tough one and getting into a fitness regiment now is the best thing you can do. This actually becomes my busy time of year....just before Thanksgiving and goes right through to New Years. Don't wait for New Years...be well on your way by New Years.

Imagine what you're summer will be like if you start now (glancing off into distance imagining a great summer in new summer clothes) Ok, I'm back. The longer you wait, the harder it is, so take step 1 now. Then 2, then 3...4....5....6....and beyond!

Enjoy your week...and look forward to see you all down here VERY soon :)



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Mark Falk
Fitness By the Bay