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It seems fitness and weight loss news has been on the upswing lately. Mostly focusing on weight loss and fitness connections, but also concerning obesity in adults and children. It's a troubling trend that gets worse each day because we focus on someone else, what they look like how much they weigh, and we're not as heavy as someone else, or we look lighter, but the fact is, that trend is helping to create a steady problem that we're all responsible for making worse.

The headlines read:
  • Obesity rates will reach 42%: Study (we're at 34% right now)
  • Obesity in US to reach 42%, Thank to "Friend Effect" (stop comparing)
  • Online Feedback May Boost Weight Loss Effect (like Text2fit.com)
  • Judge: McDonalds Must Pay Obese Employee $17.5k (gained 75lbs)
  • More Proof that Diet, Exercise Aid Weight Loss (no kidding)
  • Arteries of Obese Kids Aging Prematurely (overweight kids, become overweight adults)
  • Study: Obesity Care Costs Twice Previously Estimated (how's your insurance bill)
  • Fast Food, Not Fighting Childhood Obesity

These are just a few. Most about obesity. We're so used to seeing others who are overweight, our actual view of what obese is has been skewed.

Obese is 30 or more on the BMI scale.

It's not all about looking obese. Weight and body fat combinations look different on different people. You can look thinner than others but still score higher on the BMI, or your body fat can be high but look slim. (lean and thin are different. Lean is more muscle mass, you can be thin but high body fat).

These articles or too prevalent! Every day, there are more. That's not about everyone else. it's about all of us as a whole. If 34% of the people out there are obese, and 68% are overweight, that means, about 3.5 of out of 10 of those reading this are considered obese, and almost 7 out of 10 reading this are overweight.

I've trained over 4,600 sessions...I've seen one thing. Everyone is different. Different body types, different metabolisms, different strengths, and you can't tell who is who by simply looking at them. You have to treat every person as an individual.

When you look at yourself, look at JUST YOU. Not your friends, relatives etc. Do you want to be healthy, fit, feel good, be the best you ever have, spend less time sick, or at the doctors, be free of joint and muscle pain? Your friends and relatives, or someone walking down the street can not be compared to...you're an individual.

13% of the people out there exercise, and less that that are actually fit! Why? How can that be? How can it be that few and how can less of those be fit but exercise? Once again, we're all individuals. We can't exercise like everyone else to get the results we want. For example, I won't train you like I train myself. I won't train you like another client, unless you're similar to them with similar needs. I can't say, "Use this tape, it works for everyone". You might have certain problems that won't let you do that tape to it's fullest, or it's geared toward totally different goals.

But there are things each of us can do that we all have in common.

  • Reduce daily calories. Don't let one bad meal make you quit for the day. Take each meal as it comes.
  • Exercise so your heart rate is in YOUR target heart rate zone.
  • Weight train. Men, women and children...but do it safely, and don't hurt any pre-existing problems. Like knees or shoulders. Those are the biggest problems out there.
  • Get professional help to find out what you should be doing...such as Fitness By the Bay, or my In Home service if you prefer to do it at home.
  • Start SLOWLY and work your way up to more intense activities. Starting quickly will keep you from continuing for any extended period of time.

So who are you? What do you need to do? What is your goal? Goals can be reached...by each and everyone of you! You may each of your own individual goal....so what's yours? Do you know how to start or how to reach it? Let's do it together. Bring a spouse, a friend, a relative and we'll all do it together.

All you have to do is want to start. New Years is too late, and the dreaded 5 - 15lbs we normally gain over the holidays will only set us back further...so start now. Come in now and get your FREE FITNESS ANALYSIS. I'll check your weight, body fat (non intrusive method), your resting heart rate, your target heart rate and lets see what you can do to reach your goals.

I look forward to seeing each of you soon.



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Mark Falk
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