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Hi all, I'm starting up a new program today. I'm adding my In Home Personal Training back into the roster! I've gotten a few requests for in home training and thought I'd give it a go again. If you're interested, or want fitness programs that you can incorporate into your business or company, then give me a call.
 It's Election Day! Voting is important. The definition of Vote is: a usually formal expression of opinion or will in response to a proposed decision; especially : one given as an indication of approval or disapproval of a proposal, motion, or candidate for office.
 So today, don't only vote for a person, vote for an action. One that you'll find you can make a great case to get others to do. We vote to elect a better way. Whether it's through a person, an action or an idea.
 I vote for YOU, I vote for Weight Loss, I vote for Fitness, I vote for Health. I vote for a better tomorrow for you and your children, for prosperity, for happiness.
 Whether voting today is pulling a lever, or opening a door, you've made a decision and you've added your voice and action to a better way of life...right? So after pulling the lever, Open the Door to a better way of life, to a happier you, to prosperity that comes from actions, and to set examples for our kids and their kids.
 Change starts today folks. By 2030 weight problems, obesity, illnesses, type II diabetes and more will be an affliction that consumes over 86% of us, our children and grand children, unless we make changes today. Not tomorrow...Today! "I'll start tomorrow" turns into "I wish I had started years ago".
 Here's my speech for you today!
 So fellow American's (ok, Long Island's, I'm just trying to think bigger here), before you and your children I stand to tell you that there is a better, lighter and happier tomorrow for you and your children.
 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are our unalienable rights. So why are we alienating them with our own hands instead of grabbing for something higher and better, and obtaining those rights plus more!
 Vote to decrease medical expenses that you WILL incur if you don't lose weight and get fit. Prescription plans, Medical deductibles, Uncovered Illnesses, Hospital Costs will account for 1 in every 6 dollars spent on medical due to weight related illnesses by 2020. Vote to help eradicate an epidemic that will result in our kids and grandkids future health problems. By 2030 OVER 86% of American's will be overweight or obese...those people ARE our kids, and our grandkids!
 I want you to be happy, I want us to be liberated from the binds that tie us....fast food, video games, sitting around endlessly. There is a way everyone, and that way is simple. Move, move, move! Eat right, play, get outside, go to a gym, come to mine (smirk), but don't sit doing nothing. The change, and your unalienable rights are in your hands!
 So today, I want you to VOTE for YOU by voting for fitness, for weight loss, for your kids futures and for everyone you convince to do the same. The Change in any election starts with you....What will you ELECT to do today? For a better tomorrow, or for the same old same old?
 I was told when I was younger that if I don't vote, I can't complain because I didn't do anything to make a change...the same goes for being overweight, unfit, or have illnesses from either.
 So vote and make a difference in your life!
 I'm here to help, I'm here to help support you. So come down and get your FREE FITNESS ANALYSIS, and ELECT fitness and health. Join the others that have had incredible results at Fitness By the Bay.
 Don't forget, we have plenty of options here for you, like 3 sessions plus a one month membership to kick start your weight loss and fitness program, Saturday Morning Bootcamp, 30 and 60 minute personal training sessions or build your own class program (requires 3 or more participants)...we'll always find a way to make sure you get the very best fitness program that matches your goals and your time limitations.



  • Personal Training - 30 and 60 minute sessions from $35 for individuals.
  • Beach Boot Camp - Saturdays at 7:30am, $15. Rain Cancels. Summer only
  • Tell a friend that signs up for Personal Training 2 x a week or more, get a free session every month that they train!

Mark Falk
Fitness By the Bay