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For one minute, make believe you're Tom Cruise. You're given a mission. It's what some would think was an impossible mission...he hangs upside down, bungees off a building, drives a motorcycle through crazy traffic...and he completes his mission. Hmmm...might have taken some doing, but it wasn't impossible.
 Now, make believe you're you! :)
 You think maybe losing weight is impossible. You might think getting into a much smaller size is impossible. You may want toned, tight muscle, and don't consider yourself TOO overweight, but getting off those last pounds seems impossible.
 Well, ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Actually it's far from impossible. It's very, very possible. I like the word possible...and possibility. Imagine what is possible if you lost the weight.  The clothes you could wear, the looks you'd get, the compliments, and most of all, the health and feeling of well being you'd have...that's possible. And it's very realistic and it happens everyday.
 Who does it happen to? It happens to those who want to do it! To those who don't wait another day, and another and another week, month, year! It happens to those who say enough is enough and who won't put the word IMPOSSIBLE in their vocabulary.
 Who won't it happen to? To those who wait, who don't want to do some work, to those who have given up. Don't give up. Don't make it your life either. Make it a part of your life...Fitness that is.
 I'm training a new client, Chad. He started at 231lbs. In 3 weeks, he's lost 16lbs and 2% body fat! Congratulations Chad! He's proven that what I've been telling everyone here works. Do those three things and you'd be amazed at what happens. He's changed his diet, he's exercising 3 or more days a week (30 minute sessions that will be going to 60 min sessions).
 How do we get heavier and why don't we lose it? That's another question that most people think is impossible to answer, or they throw their hands up and say "I don't know..it's just impossible".
 It's simple...it really is. You can look up all you want, figure you have some sort of thyroid problem or say it's just that im big boned, but the fact is this...and it's simple...READY?
 To be the weight you are right now, you have to consume a certain amount of calories everyday. You have to not exercise regularly. That's it! Eat that much everyday, you stay at that weight.
 Now say you want to lose that weight. Find out how many calories you need each day to be a certain weight. Eat that many calories. It's guaranteed that it's less than you eat now. Exercise regularly and vigorously, and you'll drop to the weight you want to be.
 Sure, it's watching carbs, eating proteins, but a lot of that is to stave off hunger and to reduce how much sugars are in your body, but the fact is, what goes in you, becomes you. Eat too much...weigh more. Eat less...weight less. Don't exercise, have higher body fat (at any weight), or Exercise, and lose the fat, and get trimmer that if you didn't plus be much healthier in body, mind and spirit.
 So the next time you think it's IMPOSSIBLE...or you can't...remember this newsletter. If you Choose not to do the things it takes, then don't say it's impossible, say I choose not to. If you don't have time, make time.
Here's a tip for losing some weight, money and time.

 Don't eat out. Every time you eat out, generally we go almost 1,500 calories over what we should eat for the day. Added up throughout the year, that's an extra 20lbs that we swear we didn't know where it came from. American's eat out on average 3-5x a week! I hear people say they can't afford training, complain they are too heavy, but eat out constantly. Uh, yeah! You'll save a pretty penny too by stopping the eating out, and you'll save time as well.
 Fitness By the Bay will help you get to where you want to be! Do it with a friend or spouse or a few people and save. Personal Training works. Need an in home program? Let me know, if scheduling allows, in home training is available...give me a call.
 Have a great week everyone, and make everything you want, POSSIBLE! It's so close you can touch it...go for it! 



  • Personal Training - 30 and 60 minute sessions from $35 for individuals.
  • Beach Boot Camp - Saturdays at 7:30am, $15. Rain Cancels. Summer only
  • Tell a friend that signs up for Personal Training 2 x a week or more, get a free session every month that they train!

Mark Falk
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