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Text Messages to help you change habits. Small Changes that count. It's easy, and it's a proven technique.

Great Daily Reminders for the upcoming holiday season as well.

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Gadzooks! (always wanted to use that in a sentence). It's Octoberrrrr already?! Where did September go? Where did your fitness goals go? Where did you go? With the rain for the past few weeks, I've noticed a decrease in traffic here and at other gyms. It's a great excuse not to go...."I'll go tomorrow if the rain stops"
 Weather and other things keep us from doing what we should actually do. It's an excuse we all use. It makes us feel tired, like not bothering getting up and out. It's depressing to see those clouds, we suddenly get tired and we plan on going the next nice day! Well, it's nice out today...are you going to the gym, going for a walk? Hmmmm? Are ya?  :)
 The fact of the matter is, those are the best days to go, and the days that we need it the most. Exercise makes us more energetic, it increases our HAPPY MOOD and decreases those depressed feelings we get.
 Sometimes we could use a little help from our friends on the days that we don't feel like doing it. Because days turn into weeks, weeks to months and before you know it, its New Years and your making a resolution to lose the weight you gained from summer, fall and part of the winter...it happens to so many people. Now you have to play catch up...but what if we had a workout buddy that we could count on?
 Friends, significant others, kids...all of them help on those days you don't want to go. We schedule dinner, doctors appointments, food shopping etc, why not fitness. A day and time that you and your workout buddy get together solely to workout. You motivate each other, you keep each other on track, you push the other one on those bad days. It gives you greater consistency and even if you don't want to do it, you most likely will, and you'll be glad you did, and one workout closer to your goal.
 That's why training at Fitness by the Bay works. It's scheduled, and you go...PERIOD. And you can do it with a friend and save some money doing it. Heck...bring a few friends. Make it a date with your significant other or bonding time between you and your kids.
 Any way you do it, even if you get together with someone else once a week, do it...it helps motivate you to do more when they're not around...you don't want them getting in better shape without you for the rest of the week do you? :)
 I've started a new program for those who want the daily reminder to workout, to do simple exercises on a daily basis, to watch their food choices, and a little motivation on a daily basis.
It's called Text2fit. Its meant for those who need to start, who would benefit from a few daily reminders, for someone to get simple exercises to do each day and who would like to stay consistent. (www.text2fit.com)
 It's only $9.95 a month and you receive up to 3 daily text messages to your cell phone...every day. Sometimes we need those prompts to help us out. (Not from your spouse..."Honey, don't you need to go to the gym today? Or, are you really going to eat that? :)  ).  They're called Triggers. When you're reminded in a short text, you think about it. You'll probably act on it...they're easy things...but they are things that get you in the all so needed habit of moving, doing and exercise, or to possibly just drink a glass of water before you eat dinner tonight to keep your appetite down. It all adds up, it sticks in your mind and habits start to form. Before you know it, you're doing more, eating less and all you did was get a text...see the CNN article on the subject
by clicking here
 Let your cell phone be your buddy. Go to
www.text2fit.com and sign up. I don't get your info. You sign up through paypal. It's on a recurring monthly payment to your paypal or credit card. At the end of checkout you go to a page that tells you how to start getting your texts...it's simple, but it's effective. Technology works if we use it for the right things in the right way.
 Clients who come to 2 or more sessions a week will receive it FREE. So if you're a client, just let me know you want it, and i'll show you how to sign up for it for free.
 Well, it's time to let you go call your friend to schedule yourselves to workout together, or to come on down and start getting in shape today! Or to let you go online and go to
www.text2fit.com and sign up for your daily weight loss and fitness text messages.
 No matter which one of those you do, you'll be glad you did. It's all about starting....restarting, or continuing.
 Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon!!



  • Personal Training - 30 and 60 minute sessions from $35 for individuals.
  • Beach Boot Camp - Saturdays at 7:30am, $15. Rain Cancels. Summer only
  • Tell a friend that signs up for Personal Training 2 x a week or more, get a free session every month that they train!

Mark Falk
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