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I've had a ton of requests for bootcamp and classes, so although Beach Bootcamp is over, indoor Bootcamp will begin this weekend, Saturday 18th at 7:30am.
 If the response is good, I'll add a later time on Saturday and possibly one or two other Bootcamps during the week.
 It's $15 per class for non clients/members, and $10 for clients.
 Bootcamps are a great way of getting in shape! You'll do mulitple exercises in 45 mins. Legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms, glutes and triceps. And lets not forget abs....abs...abs!
 Personal Training sessions are available throughout the day as well. Give me 180 minutes a week and i'll give you the body you want as long as you stick to your cardio and your diet, you'll see amazing things happen!
 It never gets boring at Fitness By the Bay! Ask any of our clients.
 I just put up a newsletter archive for those that might have missed some of my newsletters, it's currently only from the beginning of the summer, but the rest will be put up throughout the next week, so go back through and read up!
 You can find the archives at
www.coreybeachfitness.com/newsletter/archive.asp and as usual, you can find the most current one at www.coreybeachfitness.com/newsletter.
 I hope you all enjoy the newsletters, I've had excellent feedback on them and will continue to put them out weekly when possible. We all need a little motivation sometimes, and that's what I try to provide in you sessions, classes and newsletters.
 Look, fitness is necessary. You need an hour of vigorous activity everyday to keep fit and to keep at a normal weight. But if you train 30 mins, 3x a week, and do 3 days of 20 - 30 mins of interval cardio training, you'll be in the best shape ever if you do it right...so come in and lets find out what I can do for you to fit your schedule.
 Talk to you all later.



  • Personal Training - 30 and 60 minute sessions from $35 for individuals.
  • Beach Boot Camp - Saturdays at 7:30am, $15. Rain Cancels. Summer only
  • Tell a friend that signs up for Personal Training 2 x a week or more, get a free session every month that they train!

Mark Falk
Fitness By the Bay