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October 21, 2020

It's been a while, and the same questions keep coming up. Why can't I just do cardio and diet? Won't weight training make me big and muscular? Isn't weight training for body building?

Actually, cardio and diet without weight training can burn muscle, and in many cases increases body fat due to the burning of muscle and the lack of knowledge of HOW to eat when doing cardio. Classes, treadmills, running, etc are all cardio. I've seen too many people do cardio and classes and drop their calories so low they actually gain weight and fat.

How can you gain weight when you do so much? Here's one reason. When you eat, your body stores 1 molecule of carbohydrates and 3 molecules of water. When you don't eat properly when you're doing classes and cardio, your body goes into starvation mode. It's not getting enough calories, and proper calories for the crazy amount of activity it's getting. So, you're body starts storing 3 molecules of carbohydrates and 9 molecules of water. It stores triple the amount because it needs it for survival. You've just increased the storage. You've increased your fat!! When you begin to eat again, and lay off exercise, it gets worse. Your body still can't be sure it's going to get all of the proper food it needs so it stills stores that triple amount. In a weekend, you can blow up 5, 6, 7lbs.

So basically, you're defeating the purpose!

Weight training. What does it do?

Your body needs lean tissue. It burns calories naturally. The less body fat, the better your body takes care of itself. Look at Michael Phelps. To maintain his weight at approximately 5% body fat, he has to eat 9000 calories a day. When he's training, he has to eat a whopping 15,000 calories a day. Why? Because that lean tissue is eating up every calorie in his body at an unbelievable rate!

Adding weight training 3x a week increases lean tissue, and burns calories naturally. I've trained many people who do classes and cardio alone. They look heavier than they are, and can't get that size and weight down anymore. That's because they have high body fat. They burned up all of their muscle.

Ladies, weight training will not bulk you up. Testosterone is the chemical in your body that increases muscle size. You don't have enough in you to create those large muscles unless you supplement with testosterone. You'll actually get smaller!!! And you'll look amazing.

Weight training is just as important for general wellness and health. It decreases the odds of type II diabetes, decreases the risk of heart disease, increases cardio vascular function, increases your resting metabolism and so much more!

Strength is important to everyone. You'll have energy stores left over after doing strenuous work at home or at your job. Minor everyday tasks shouldn't make you tired. Being stronger will help you breeze through those tasks! They won't wear you out! So you'll have more energy to do more things, and you'll sleep like a baby!

If you're prone to anxiety and depression, weight training also increases your feeling of well being and decreases anxiety and depression. You'll have better self esteem, and feeling of self worth.

So, don't think weight training is just for body builders. Doing it properly and regularly will benefit your life immensely!! Mentally, physically and emotionally. You'll be stronger, have more energy, look better, feel better and you can start with training 30 minutes, 3x a week, plus some cardio. That with a proper diet will change all aspects of your life for the better!

I've been sick for 2 weeks. I haven't trained because I've had a chest cold. I feel awful! I'm not happy, I'm anxious and I'm dying to get back to the gym today! When I lay off and then go back, all I can think is, Geez!!! Thank god Iím back! I instantly feel better!

If you want to feel great, look great and just know you're doing something positive for your health, then give me a call. Lets get you started before the holidays. Typically, the average person gains 5 - 15lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years. Then they spend the rest of the year trying to get it off...or they just quit!

Call me right now at 631-834-1427. It'll be the best decision you've made for yourself in a while! You won't have to guess what to do anymore! I train you for what you need, who you are, and as an individual! Don't wait any longer!



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